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Bottle Makes Mommy and Me Yoga Easier!

Posted by Becca Schmidt on 11/26/2012
Mommy and Me Yoga..... (YAX bonus!) This bottle is only on YAX!

How to Make a Sweet Potato Snack

Posted by Devin McGlynn on 11/20/2012
How to Make a Sweet Potato Snack

Afternoon Yoga Practice.....

Posted by Devin on 11/19/2012
Afternoon Yoga Practice..... YAX bonus!(This mat is only on YAX)

How To Use a Strap to Open Up Your Shoulders

Posted by Pete on 11/13/2012
If you feel like your shoulders are rolling forward and you’ve started hunching over, here are some stretches to do with a strap to open up your shoulders and improve your posture:

Step It Up in Tadasana

Posted by Pete on 11/6/2012

How to “Just Be” and Enjoy Alone Time

Posted by Pete on 10/30/2012
Sometimes we are afraid of being “alone” and may even dislike alone time. Here are some ways to “just be” and enjoy time alone:

How to Juggle Work, Working Out, and Family

Posted by Pete on 10/23/2012
Many times your career and family come before your own workout. However, you’ll be better able to give to your family and work if you take care of yourself first. Here’s how to juggle work, working out, and family:

Engage Your Core in Forward Folds

Posted by Pete on 10/16/2012

Ways to Sweat Gracefully

Posted by Pete on 10/9/2012
Many women take their outer appearance into consideration while working out. Here are some suggestions on how to sweat more gracefully:

How To Create a Centering Morning Routine

Posted by Pete on 10/2/2012
Most successful people credit routines with giving them the discipline and structure they need to be successful. Here are some ways to create your own routine and engage in it every morning:
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