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Frozen Treats for the End of the Summer

Posted by Pete on 9/25/2012
While it’s still warm out, here are some ideas for frozen treats to wind down the summer:

Using an Eye Pillow for a Daily Time Out

Posted by Pete on 9/18/2012
Some people take naps or sleep at night wearing an eye mask, but you can also use either an eye mask or eye pillow in the middle of the day. Here’s a quick and easy way to take a daily time out:

Utilize Yoga Breathing While Waiting In Line

Posted by Pete on 9/11/2012
Waiting in line doesn’t need to be a waste of time. Instead, here are some tips on how to utilize yoga breathing while waiting in line:

How To Start Making Better Food Choices

Posted by Pete on 9/4/2012
I’ve often heard people say that because they had a cheeseburger and fries for lunch, their whole day is shot. This is absolutely untrue! Here’s how to start making better food choices, once decision at a time:

How To Structure Your Personal Schedule

Posted by Pete on 8/28/2012
During the workweek, many people have schedules that leave no room for traffic jams, impromptu meetings, or extra workouts. But, on your personal time, it’s important to have a loose schedule of what you’d like to personally do:

Step It Up in Warrior II

Posted by Pete on 8/21/2012
If you’re just beginning yoga, Warrior II can feel pretty uncomfortable and even strained. Here are some tips to find more openness in Warrior II:

Responses to Why There’s Not Enough Time

Posted by Pete on 8/14/2012
I hear a lot of people say that they can’t squeeze in a workout or a yoga session because they don’t have enough time. While I respect this reason, I also have a few challenges to this reason:

Extra Special Mats Just for You

Posted by Pete on 8/10/2012
There are so many different types of mats you can have to accommodate your needs. You don’t have to settle for a regular mat. We are not all the same, so why should our yoga mats?

Internal vs. External Motivation for Weight Loss

Posted by Pete on 8/7/2012
The intent and motivation behind wanting to get in shape or lose weight are very important. Here’s the difference between internal motivation and external motivation:

You Can Do It! (With a Yoga Block)

Posted by Pete on 8/3/2012
Have you been in a yoga class and you just can’t seem to get into some of the poses and you think to yourself, “If my arms were just a little longer I could totally get into that pose?” If you had that thought then we are very excited to let you know that we have a solution for you.
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