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Morning Stretch Routine In the Bathroom

Posted by Pete on 7/31/2012
Here is a quick morning stretch routine that you can do while brushing your teeth:

How to Wake Up with More Energy

Posted by Pete on 7/24/2012
If you find that you’re extremely lethargic when you wake up, here are some tips to feel more energized:

Practice Standing Poses While Lying Down

Posted by Pete on 7/17/2012
If you’re tired and want to stretch, but don’t feel like moving very much, these poses are for you:

How To Practice Non-Attachment

Posted by Pete on 7/10/2012
In yoga philosophy, one of the principals has to do with not attaching yourself to various things. Here’s how:

Giving Back Is Important For Yoga - Military Wellness Story In Afghanistan

Posted by Charitable Giving on 7/6/2012
Keeping the troops focused on their mission is quite a task. Yoga has become an essential part of the military mission Afghanistan.

How To Create Your Own Mantra

Posted by Pete on 7/3/2012
If you’ve set a goal for yourself, create a mantra to ensure your success! Here’s how:

Practicing Self Care In Your Practice

Posted by Pete on 6/26/2012
Are you harsh on yourself in your yoga practice? If so, here’s how to practice more self care on the mat:

Using the Block in Mountain Pose

Posted by Pete on 6/19/2012
Many of us use yoga blocks when we can’t reach the ground in a pose, but how about using the block while in Mountain Pose! Here are some suggestions:

Pay Close Attention to What Your Toes Are Saying

Posted by Pete on 6/12/2012
Do you grip your toes or tend to feel off balance? Here’s what your toes may be saying to you:
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