How to Master The Elastic Strap

We all enjoy the idea of having a single product to help us get fit. However, even when we purchase that one perfect product, we sometimes get lost in all the best ways to properly use it.

We can spend hours researching the web and pulling out our phone/computer each time we workout … OR

We can buy an exercise prop that has all the exercises already printed on the product itself.

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Love is Our Favorite Color

With the holiday of fire tones and sweet exchanged words approaching, we are all thinking of our loved ones, close friends...and chocolate!

Celebrating this national day of love, we feature some of our favorite pieces of yoga gear, to give you some ideas of what to gift your beloved yogi.   

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Yoga For All Religions

Is yoga a form of exercise? Spiritual program? Hindu practice? Safe for Christians and practitioners of other faiths? Yoga is fundamentally all of these things.
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Poses to Strengthen Your Dancer

Practice this daily routine of 10 yoga poses that help increase flexibility in your front hip flexors. Improving your hip flexors allows you to excel toward the splits and advanced poses like king dancer pose.

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Yoga Tip: Use Your Elbows, Not Your Back

A great yoga tip was revealed to me during our regular hot vinyasa class, explaining the importance of weight distribution throughout our flow. I will apply this every time I practice now.

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Gifts for A Well-Practiced Yogi

When in search of a holiday gift for a loved one, you sometimes can hit that road bump of "but they already have everything."

Luckily, when searching for that yogi who has everything, we created the perfect list of unique yoga accessories to add to their collection!

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What is Stress Doing To Your Body?

Without taking notice of how your body and mind are responding, you could end up doing some serious damage to yourself.

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Loved How My Yoga Teacher Included This Ab Workout in our Class

As I first discovered yoga, I quickly learned that having a strong and powerful core is a necessity for your practice (you kind of use it for every movement).

Which is why I am always so grateful when my yoga teachers include a targeted ab workout within the class (especially over the holiday seasons).

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OMG This Mat . . . is the Best!

Seriously cannot get enough of this mat! It’s not slippery when I do hot yoga. It’s not heavy when I bring it hiking. It’s super gushy and comfortable when I do inversions. Plus when I clean it, it’s easy to just … wipe off.

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What Every Yogi Needs For Their Desk This Winter

 When the sun starts to hibernate a little, I spice up the areas I spend the most time in order to encourage and maintain a pleasant mood during those darker months.

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