10 Affordable Yoga Gift Ideas for Under $30

Some have a knack for gift-giving. Others want to crawl and hide under their beds.

Whatever gift-giving style you take on, a little help or inspiration never hurt.

Especially when you’re on a budget.

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Trying to impress those you adore by how thoughtful you can be? Well, this simple list of yoga holiday gift ideas is great for family and friends whether they practice yoga or are just need some time to relax.

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Remember this Acronym Before Yoga { For Your Tummy's Sake }


{ For the Sake of Your Tummy }

Eating the right types of foods before yoga, or a sweat session of any kind, is very important. The less distracted your stomach is while your muscles are working, the better you'll be able to perform and get the most out of your workout.

SMODGS, with its many meanings, is a helpful word/acronym to remember before yoga.

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7 Ways to Make Your Mat Less Slippery


Having trouble slipping and maybe even falling during your time on the mat?

Try these tips below to help take away the slipperiness of your mat.

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New Ideas to Spice Up your Yoga Classes

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Looking for ways to spice up your yoga practice? Enhance your classes with a few of these new ideas!

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The 4 Necessary Props for Your Yoga Space


When looking for the best additions to your yoga space, these four yoga props are considered the best.

Yoga is all about training the mind and directing your attention inward. Using yoga props help you to focus less on any external strain or struggle, and more on your perception and quality of peace. Reflect inward yogis.

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What Happened When I Tried this 14 Day Lemon Detox


Searching the web for an easy fix to my ever-changing body, I came across an image titled “Lose 22 pounds in 2 weeks with this Lemon Diet.” I read it over, intrigued by its simple request, “drink watered-down lemon juice every morning an hour before breakfast.” . . . Okay, what’s the catch?

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Choosing the Right Yoga Bolster for You

Having trouble choosing your yoga bolster? Let us help you figure out the right choice for your body type and practice by listing the differences and qualities of each type.

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My First Hot Yoga Experience


If you are thinking of trying a hot yoga class, but can’t get past the thought of that  hot room full of people . . . Read my first experience. It’s not as bad as you think.

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Yoga Accessories Guide: How to Best Use Your Products


Even the most experienced yogis could be missing a technique or interesting new way to use their product. Whether you are just starting your practice or have found your place of contentment, fulfill your curiosity and check out the many different ways we encourage you to use your yoga products.

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Yoga Accessories Guide: How to Take Care of Your Yoga Products


Congratulations on expanding your yoga collection! We are happy to be included in your journey and would love to help you along the way. Now that you have your product(s), it’s time to learn the proper ways to take care of them in order to take advantage of them for as long as possible.

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