Yoga Pose Sequence for Flat Tummy


Check out the 16 yoga poses we chose to help trim excess belly fat and tone your abs for a flat tummy.

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Use Yoga Blocks to Get Into the Splits


Some yoga poses require a bit more flexibility than others. While bending your legs up and behind your head isn’t for everyone, here is a way to use yoga blocks to gradually extend into the splits. For best results, practice everyday until flexibility is achieved.

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Which Foods to Eat Per Chakra

Foods Per Chakra_2.jpg


Each chakra associates with a specific part of our body, applying energy to the organs within and around it. After heeding knowledge from various yoga instructors, yoga nutritionists and enthusiasts, it has been concluded that eating foods associated with each chakra’s prime color representation is a good method towards healing and nourishing that specific part of the body.

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Yoga Poses to Aid with Menopause Symptoms

Women 50+ Yoga.jpg

After listening to women discuss their menopausal symptoms and the struggles they face while migrating through this transition, I decided it would be great idea to research and develop a list of common yoga poses that could help aid those pesky menopausal symptoms.  

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Can You Overdo it On Probiotics?


We love probiotics, our digestive system enjoys the live bacteria and yeast to help keep its gut healthy. My question is, after taking probiotics for years on a regular basis, is it possible to overdo it? What happens to our bodies when there’s too much good bacteria?

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The Live Well Project


Each year, over 1500-2000 women are deemed homeless after running away from abusive homes or losing family to illness/violence.  

And each year, The Live Well Project gives hundreds of those girls a source of inspiration and an important first step in taking control of their lives again.

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Why You Should Try Yoga Barre

Looking for a quick fix to your lower body? Yoga barre is an amazing route to take, combining both the practice of yoga with barre to create a workout that is both satisfying to you and your muscles.

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Yoga Therapy is a Serious Health Care Option

Yoga Therapy is a Serious Health Care Option

Restorative Yoga

Yoga therapy is a serious healthcare option to consider for various diseases and disorders, now not only seen as an approach but documented as a successful treatment option by professionals and extensive research.

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How Yoga Blocks Can Deepen Your Practice

Yoga blocks are not just a crutch. Instead, they can act as tools that enhance and progress your yoga practice. 

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