Comparing Yoga Mats:

Lite Natural Rubber Yoga Mats by Manduka & Dragonfly Yoga

We love both brands. We sell both brands. We also want to know what are the similarities and differences between these two beloved mats?

Yoga Mats Featured:
1. Manduka Eko Lite Natural Rubber
2. Dragonfly Yoga Natural Rubber Lite

Manduka eKOlite Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Heather here with Yoga Accessories, reporting to you with the results of our latest yoga mat comparison trial! Featuring both our Manduka Eko Lite Yoga Mat and our Dragonfly Yoga Natural Rubber Lite Yoga Mat, each was opened brand new and then used for a two week period by moi (including a Wanderlust Yoga Festival) to discover how each mat was similar and different.

As you know, both yoga mats are environmentally friendly and less dense than normal natural rubber yoga mats. I personally love both brands, so remaining unbiased was very easy as I switched from day-to-day use within my practice.

After using each mat for two weeks and at a weekend yoga festival, I can personally conclude the results below as my own opinion of each mat:

Manduka eKOlite Yoga Mat

  • Denser, thicker material

  • Surface heats up faster in the sun due to the reflective coating

  • Prior to washing, the surface can be a bit slippery after opening

  • Harder to get the surface dirty

  • Overall good grip

Dragonfly Natural Rubber Lite Yoga Mat

  • Thinner, less dense material

  • Harder to perform inversions on due to less padding

  • Surface remains cool longer

  • Embossed coating allows for a great grip

  • When dirty this mat can start to become slippery

There are a lot of similarities between these two yoga mats, however, I do feel as though each mat would be best used at different times. For instance, for indoor use only, the Manduka eKOlite would be the best to use for a harder surface because of its thicker, more dense material. The surface of this mat would also remain cool and less slippery being out of the humidity and sun.

For outdoor and indoor use, the Dragonfly Natural Rubber Lite would be best to use for its more versatile, less dense material, giving this mat the ability to adapt to any surface needed easily. Great for in the sun and humidity, this thickness absorbs less heat for an outdoor practice.

During my time at the Wanderlust Snowshoe Yoga Festival this year, I learned quickly to bring my Manduka eKOlite with me to all indoor classes, while traveling with my Dragonfly Natural Rubber Lite mat to all outdoor settings.


Dragonfly Natural Rubber Lite Yoga Mat

I honestly love both of these yoga mats, but just like every yoga mat in my collection, each is best used on different occasions. Feel free to reach out about either of these yoga mats with any questions!