Making a conscious decision to use products made of organic materials is a great way to direct your efforts towards preserving our planet. This decision not only aids in producing less waste but also by providing a natural surface for your skin and body to practice on.

With so many changes and shifts in our global environment recently, yogis have taken extra precautions to scout out the best products and apparel to consciously direct their practice in the most prosperous direction. Although we cannot undo the damage done to our planet, shifting our focus towards healing and decisions to use organic products is a great start.

Below are a few of our favorites to share, we hope you incorporate the planet into your practice yogis!   


Gaia Eco Yoga Mat

Okay… so this yoga mat is honestly incredible! There’s another blog written just for how awesome we think it is. Its’ rounded corners and spongy texture is just the beginning.

I’ve personally practiced hot yoga with this mat for about half a year and can say that it really moves with you instead of allowing your hands and feet to slip all over the place (and I drip sweat haha). The only downfall is how this mat sometimes can shift a little off-center after doing a vigorous routine, but I’ve always just gently shifted it back before entering my child’s pose.

It’s made of a new type of eco-friendly non-toxic foam that’s phthalate and PVC-free. It’s also good to know that during its manufacturing, zero ozone-depleting CFCs are released, which really does make this mat even more amazing from an environmental perspective.

Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

These mats are made from the sap of Para Rubber Trees, which is vulcanized and then made into the thick durable material you see before you. This process is harmless to the trees, as it naturally secretes a latex material within its healing process, repairing fast and easily.

The development of these mats does leave a residue on the finished material, which requires a good cleaning and some airing out to get past at first. After a rub down and a week of use, this mat will be your “go-to” for all types of yoga in all types of conditions and environments. This yoga mat could seriously last you a lifetime, but being that the material absorbs everything on its surface, it’s a good idea to replace after multiple years of use. No worries, the mat is completely biodegradable!

It’s amazing to know the mat you’re practicing on is literally made entirely of tree sap! Also available with a dragonfly embossed surface with our Dragonfly Natural Rubber Yoga Mat.

Dragonfly Natural Lite Rubber Yoga Mat

Also made from the vulcanized sap of a Para Rubber Tree, our Dragonfly Natural Lite Rubber Yoga Mat is entirely eco-friendly. Personally, this mat is my other obsession! It’s lightweight and contains an embossed dragonfly pattern on the surface for a great textured grip, this yoga mat is one I also used on the reg. I love it because of its’ weight, but I must say it does make your landings a bit harder coming down from inversions due to it’s not so thick surface. Perfect for the summer, I have found this mat to be extremely durable and great for hot yoga.

Dragonfly PURE Yoga Mat

This yoga mat looks and feels like our regular ¼ inch mats, however, the material is made chemical free and free from the 6 most harmful phthalates.  Your skin will celebrate the lack of chemicals rubbing onto your skin, and the planet will too.

The Dragonfly PURE Yoga Mat, also available in our Yoga Accessories PURE Yoga Mat, is one step up towards a more eco-friendly option. Technically, this yoga mat is not entirely environmentally friendly, however, it does fit right in between both categories.

Cotton Yoga Bolsters { All Shapes & Sizes}

Made of 100% cotton, our yoga bolsters come in all shapes and sizes. We carry larger round and rectangular bolsters (bottom one in photo) that are either stuffed regularly (Supportive) or given a little extra (Max Support Deluxe). Our junior size or small bolsters (middle one in photo) come in both a round and rectangular shape as well. Finally, our tiny Pranayama bolsters are rectangular in shape and fit perfectly along your spine for breathing exercises (top one in photo).

Wooden & Cork Yoga Blocks

In this photo, both blocks are 4 inches wide, but we also carry a 3 inch version of the cork (sorry not the wooden). That wooden beauty is made with 100% natural renewable New Zealand Pine, which is awesome to think you have a piece of such a beautiful country incorporated into your practice!

The cork is made of 100% all natural eco-friendly cork, which you can tell why people chose to make this their flooring. The material is incredibly durable and also kind of squishy at the same time, it’s a really fun prop to work with.

Cork Yoga Wedge

Made of the same 100% all natural eco-friendly cork, most of us tend to use these bad boys for getting deeper into our downward-facing dogs to get that extra stretch in the spine. You can place wedges at your hands or feet during your practice when you feel you need an extra stretch.

Cotton Yoga Straps {All Lengths & Types}

The 10 inch 100% cotton yoga strap in the photo above is one of kind, but we also carry other styles and lengths of straps. We have a pinch buckle strap that requires no extra effort when trying to make a loop because it’s the one that makes that “click” sound, available in both 6” and 8.”

We also have the classic D-Ring strap, with the two metal rings for creating and adjusting all your loops, available in 6,” 8” and 10.”

The last type of strap we carry is the cinch buckle, which has that thick plastic piece at the end that you weave the strap in and out of in order to secure a loop. Available in all three lengths as well.  I love this kind of strap, but out of all of them, I find the Dragonfly 8” Cinch Buckle Cotton Yoga Strap to be the best quality and my loops don’t slip when I practice my forearm stands.

Cotton Multi Shade Yoga Rug

Not only is this thick and durable yoga rug 100% cotton, it’s also currently being used as a rug in my house. Anyone up for some hallway yoga?

It’s the same length and width as of most of the yoga mats we carry, however the thick canvas-like material makes this my “go-to” for beach trips, camping trips, picnics, and clearly home accessories. Honestly, this would be a great travel mat as well, it’s pretty awesome and is available in four colors.

Extra Heavy Recycled Mexican Blanket

These thick and fluffy blankets are shipped directly from Mexican and are made from 100% recycled materials. It’s a great prop to also use as a bolster, but truth be told, it’s also really cozy in the winter.

You have to wash it a few times to get all the excess fibers off of it, but that’s ok because those fibers are 100% recycled. I have taken this teddy bear blanket camping with me before and it makes a great tent carpet for my bare toes!

I mean… I totally use it in my practice too! ;)

Dragonfly TPE Hot Yoga Mat Towel

So you’ve heard of a TPE yoga mat, well this is a towel! It’s nontoxic, recyclable, and biodegradable, plus it’s so soft to the touch. I place this towel on top of my Dragonfly Natural Lite Rubber Yoga Mat when I use it for extra padding and sweat protection, it’s amazing! I throw it in the wash with my clothes in between uses, and just hang it to dry over my bath tub… works great!

Black OM Cotton Yoga Mat Bag

I like pockets. Do you like pockets? I think pockets are great, especially when there is one inside and on the outside of your mat bag.

Made of 100% high-quality cotton, this bag fits every single one of my yoga mats, and then I get to adjust the strap in the back for easy traveling. I love the embroidered Om symbol on the front, it adds so much character to this mat bag!

I love using this bag because I can fit my strap, chapstick, wallet, phone, hair ties, and sometimes even my yoga block depending on the mat. Can you believe this? I know, it’s out of this world!