Manduka eKO Yoga Mat - Standard

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Manduka eKO Yoga Mat - Standard
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Measures 71" L x 26" W x 3/16" H
Weighs 8 lbs.
Made from 100% Natural Tree Rubber
Bold Array of Color Options
Subtle Woodgrain Pattern

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If you are looking for a yoga mat that's entirely eco-friendly and also a high performer, Manduka's heavy duty eKO Yoga Mat is the perfect mat for you. Made entirely out of natural, sustainable, renewable, decomposable tree rubber, with a latex-free, non-allergenic manufacturing process. Closed cell surface won't absorb moisture like a sponge (we're looking at you, PVC!). Instead, a textured, nonstick surface keeps feet and hands rooted into the earth, so you stay put and your mat stays fresh. Manduka's eKO is arguably the greenest yoga mat on the market!

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