Fast And Effective Toning With Yoga Balls

Fast And Effective Toning With Yoga Balls

When it comes to toning your body, there are successful props to help you achieve the results you long for in a short period of time.

Our Professional Core Training Ball and Weighted Pilates Balls do just that. To help you utilize these props effectively, we have illustrated a few exercises below for you to implement into your weekly routine or class curriculum. 

Low Boat

Fire up your core in a transitional boat pose! Using our Professional Core Training Ball, or a weight of your choice, begin with your body in an engaged “V” shape holding the weight overhead. Your core will power you through, as you bring your hands to meet your feet and transition the weight over. Continue this movement shifting into an open low hold, slowly returning back to Boat pose where your hands once again take the weight and lift high. 

Continue until you feel the burn, and then keep going for another five rounds (because that’s where we know the shift happens). 

Tricep Lift

In a seated position, hold one of our Weighted Pilates Balls high overhead (we chose our 3lb yellow ball). Slowly with control, lower both hands behind your head holding the weight. Your triceps will be engaged as you evenly and slowly lift the ball back high overhead. 

Again, repeat until you feel the burn and want to quit . . . but don’t. Keep going 3 -5 more times before finally releasing.

Bridge Squeeze

On your back, knees bent and hands working to touch the back of your ankles, place a Core Training Ball in between your thighs. Working your chin to chest, lift your pelvis high (without engaging your glutes). Squeeze your thighs together to keep the ball in place, working to lift your chest higher. Hold for 15-30 second intervals. 

This exercise can be repeated as many times as desired. We recommend reduced reps for those with lower back, hip, or knee injuries.  

Weighted Side Plank

Engage your external obliques with a weighted side plank! This exercise really helps to show off your favorite curve, but also improves digestion and strengthens your shoulders.

Make sure to stack your joints in this posture. Shoulder over wrist is a must to avoid injury.

Lift your choice of weight (we used our 1 lb Silver Weighted Pilates Ball) high in side plank. For an additional challenge, remain in a side plank and bring the weight down and underneath. Return the weight back high and repeat this cross-over 10-15 times (or a little after you feel the burn). 


Chair Compressions

In Chair Pose, place a Core Training Ball between your thighs. We modified this posture, moving the feet slightly apart for placement of the ball. Sitting back into a slight squat, keep the core engaged and pelvis tilted forward, knitting the ribs together for best practice. Arms can either lift upward next to ears or come together in prayer hands.

Keeping the knees aligned with each other, work to squeeze the thighs together in small compressions. The more you sink into Chair Pose, the more you will feel this exercise. 

You know what to do until it’s time to stop!

We hope you found these methods for using our yoga and fitness balls appealing and productive. We hope these exercises help you in your workout routine and benefit your body the same way they have us. Feel free to share any additional workouts you enjoy as well, we are always open to new methods.