Feel Your Feet with

Becky (Tara) Eschenroeder

There is a time and a place for your own personal practice. Some days it begins in the morning, other days it concludes our evening.

For Becky (Tara) Eschenroeder, every second of each day defines the boundaries of her practice.

Inspirationally planting seeds within us, Becky helps us to grow into the person we wish to become. Her yoga classes are inspirational, filled with her own personal poetry and shared experiences of her personal journey. You know a yoga teacher is a powerful influencer in life when you tear up in their Savasana.  

As a certified Core Coach by the Coach Training Alliance, Becky doubles as not only an instructor of the physical asanas, but also as a mentor towards translating internal growth to development within your life.  

“I guide driven individuals to recognize and channel passionate energy to manifest a life of deep fulfillment and freedom.”

Becky (Tara) Eschenroeder

Owner of Great Abiding Yoga, She is such an inspirational, motivational, and heart-warming soul to surround yourself with. Becky travels the United States to teach yoga locally and at numerous festivals, retreats, and workshops.


“I practice yoga to survive.”

“I practice yoga to trust.”

Every day gives us new life, new challenges, new struggles. That’s why it’s called a yoga practice and not a “yoga perfect” as Becky explains. It’s about knowing and trusting that you’re going to be okay, but more than that, it’s about living this way. Becky is one of those people who sets the path for the rest of us. Her way of life is defined and carried in a way so unique and different than the rest of us, that some would say she really is a goddess reborn.

Attending a Yogaville retreat for the first time, Becky was pulled aside by a healer who had attended classes with her and observed her at the retreat. Becky was told she was more than just a yoga instructor, but she encompassed everything that was the Hindu goddess Tara. The healer told Becky, “You are still Becky, but should also always recognize that you are also the goddess of compassion and growth, Tara. Apply this to your life because it is your dharma.” After the exchange of tears and hugs, Becky has since then embodied this moment into her life. You’ll notice she goes by both Becky and Tara.

It is a challenge to live with your purpose. Becky (Tara) inspires, motivates, and uplifts us to live ours.

“I didn’t find yoga, yoga found me.”

Learn more about Becky(Tara) and Great Abiding Yoga at http://greatabidingyoga.com/mentoring/

“Namaste, sweet souls.”