Yoga Accessories Guide:

How to Take Care of Your Products


{Yoga Accessories Dragonfly Set: Performance Pro Mat, Zafu & Cork Yoga Block}

Congratulations on expanding your yoga collection! We are happy to be included in your journey and would love to help you along the way. Now that you have your product(s), it’s time to learn the proper ways to take care of them in order to take advantage of them for as long as possible.

{{Table of Contents}}

1. Yoga Mats

2. Bolsters & Cushions

3. Blocks & Wedges

4. Straps

5. Blankets

6. Fitness Equipment


1. Yoga Mats


{Yoga Accessories ¼ Mat in Cool Breeze}

{{CLEANING}}: Hopefully your yoga mat is getting a ton of use, requiring a cleaning quite often.

How often you ask? Every time you use your mat. It’s best to give it a wipe down to get rid of dirt, sweat and limit bacteria growth after your practice.

If you only opened it to practice a few poses at home, it can probably go another round. Outside or in studio use however definitely requires a wipe down before you roll it back up.

Mat Cleaners.jpg

{Yoga Accessories Mat Cleaners}

You can clean your mat in several ways, none of which include using a garden hose, anti-bacterial wipes or even soap and water.

What chemicals you put on your mat matters. It could cause harm to the material, but also interrupt or disturb your next practice.

Try out our cleaners above to keep the quality and stickiness of your mat in tact. OR . . . if you are pinching your pennies, try this homemade mat cleaner:

1. Fill a small spray bottle (2-4 ounces) ¾ of the way with distilled or spring water

{ YES! Even the water you use to clean your mat matters . . . think of all the chemicals used to clean our water! }

2. Add 1 drop of Lavender Essential Oil

3. Add 2 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil

4. Fill the ¼ of the bottom that’s left with Witch Hazel or White Vinegar

{{USING}}: When using your mat, be careful to avoid wearing too much sunscreen, lotion or other scented products. The oils and chemicals from those products can wipe off onto your mat . . . which may harm the material. If you wipe it down afterwards though, you should be good to go!

Unless you have a thick durable mat material, avoid practicing on surfaces that have a lot of sticks and rocks. Unless you are looking to emboss your mat with a new fun pattern . . . it’s best to keep the surfaces free of bulky materials.

NOTE: If your mat does become lumpy, lay it out flat  in the sun for about 30 minutes to an hour. The heat will allow the material to relax back to the surface.

{{STORING}}: When you have finished your workout, be sure to roll up and store your mat properly.

The best place to keep your mat is in a cool, dry place where it can lay rolled up with other mats or isolated by itself. Try to shove your mat into a fitted area or next to items that could possibly indent the material.

Unless the mat is made to be hung, try not to lay your mat over any surfaces that would disrupt the material. Otherwise, the next time you go to lay it flat on the ground, you’ll see mountains!

For those of us constantly on the go, looking to keep our yoga mat most likely in the trunk of our car….. store your yoga mat in its own mat bag.

Store your mat practically anywhere with the right bag! In order to keep your mat at a good temperature, I would personally go for a cotton material like the one shown below {at least in the summer months}.


{Yoga Accessories Dragonfly Yoga Mat Bag}

The best way to take care of your mat is to make sure it’s clean before and after each use, to watch the surfaces you lay it on, and to roll up and store in a cool place away from the sun and environmental factors.


2. Bolsters & Cushions  


{Yoga Accessories Dragonfly Studio Standard Bolster- Equipped with 2 Handles & Washable Cover}

{{CLEANING}}: The best part about most bolsters, is they come with a cover! You can easily unzip the cover off and throw it in the washer for a cycle before slipping it back on the bolster.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend trying to do that with the pillow itself. Drying the cotton inside could ruin the shape of your bolster. We wouldn’t want that!

Wash the cover in cold water with like colors, and make sure NOT TO PUT IN DRYER, as most covers are made of cotton and might shrink.

If the cover does shrink, soak the entire cover and stretch it back out over the bolster once . . . before taking the wet cover off and laying it to dry.

{{USING}}: Take care of your bolster as you would the pillow you rest your head on . . . or just about! Plump it back up after each use by squeezing the cotton around and using the handle(s) to shake the fluff inside to a fuller state.

If you have a quality bolster, you shouldn’t be able to fold it in half too easily {Unless of course the bolster is a long narrow pranayama}. Regardless, this is not a good way to treat your bolster, as the indention could cause your bolster to collapse inward the next time you attempt to include blocks or balance the bolster in one way or another.  

{{STORING}}: As you know, the sun can fade fabrics. Unless you want a dark grey bolster versus a black one, be sure to store your bolster out of the sun.  

A damp and dark location is not the ideal vacation spot for your bolster either. Storing your bolster in a place where there’s moisture in the air could result in mold growing into the fabric, which will in turn ruin the integrity of the material. Not to mention the smell you’ll never be able to cover up!

Storing your bolster in it’s cover is the best way to keep the interior safe. An overnight stay in the car or a weekend camping trip are doable, just be sure to take the right precautions in avoiding any damaging factors mentioned above.


3. Blocks & Wedges


{Yoga Accessories Dragonfly Cork Yoga Block }

Yoga Accessories carries foam, cork and wooden yoga blocks for you to use within your practice to deepen your stretch and increase flexibility. As well as foam and cork wedges for the same support. Knowing how to take care of each type of material is important to expand the lifetime of your product.

{{CLEANING}}: Foam blocks and wedges are easy to clean using a mild soap or dish soap and water, rubbing the product down to remove dirt and stains. Allow the block to air dry.

For cork blocks and wedges, use a wet cloth to remain any prominent stains. If needed, use an organic cleanser to further remove stains from the surface.

Watch what chemicals you use on cork, for some will degrade the material or texture. Stick to organic cleaners to maintain the quality of your cork products.

For wooden yoga blocks, we recommend using a mild soap or dish soap to initially remove dirt and bacteria from the surface. Hand dry the block quickly with a towel after washing in order to remove water from the surface. Using a wood polish or cleaner is nice to maintain the appearance of your wooden product, however be careful on using any chemicals that will leave a slippery residue.

Your block is the last thing you want to slip out from under you!

{{USING}}: When using your foam yoga blocks and wedges, watch out for your fingernails leaving imprints in the block. Grip the block or wedge with your fingers, without digging in your nails. Solution: clip your nails to avoid this altogether!

Watch out for any harsh lotions or sunscreens you rub on your skin, as those chemicals could rub off on your product and damage the material.

{{STORING}}: Yoga blocks and wedges can be stored most anywhere needed. Remember, the lovely soft and cushioned foam products have a more delicate surface. You’ll want to avoid storing these products anywhere too snug to keep clear of other products leaving an indention into the material.

Try not to store in a damp environment, as the moisture in the air could impair the quality of the product material.

Use your best judgement, your blocks and wedges will appreciate it!


4. Straps

{{CLEANING}}: Made of 100% Dense Cotton, yoga straps are easy to wash and reuse an infinite number of times. A cold water setting on your washing machine, or even soaking them in a bucket full of soapy water for a few days will get you the best results.

To dry your strap, you may be unable to resist the urge to simply throw it in the dryer with the rest of your stuff. Simply note, the strap is cotton and may shrink a bit in length or width.

The safest way to dry your yoga straps are to either hang them to dry on a hook or over a plastic hanger. If you have no method to hang, roll your strap into a coiled circle like the video above and lay flat to dry.


       {Yoga Accessories 100% Cotton Yoga Strap without Buckle}

{{USING}}: The thick and durable cotton material your yoga straps are made of makes it hard to say there are certain ways you should refrain from using them {Except for the obvious}.

Handle with care against your skin, as the thick material could cause a rug burn effect when used in a rough manner.

{{STORING}}: Avoid the growth of mold within the cotton material of your yoga strap(s). Leaving to dry or storing in a dark, damp space where there is moisture in the air could cause little dark spots to form all over the material. These spots of mold are not easy to get out, if impossible, and leave a nasty smell. Otherwise, yoga straps are durable enough to store just about anywhere!


5. Blankets

{Yoga Accessories Traditional Mexican Blanket}

The recycled wool blanket is an eco-friendly blanket woven from a recycled blend of wool and synthetic fibers. The Cotton Yoga Blankets are made from 100% hand-woven cotton that is not pre-shrunk. Both are great to use in your practice or in your home.

{{CLEANING}}: We recommend either hand washing in cold water or, if machine-washing, use on a gentle setting with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach and do not iron.

Air-dry or hang to dry for the safest method. Otherwise, machine dry on the lowest possible heat setting. Heat from water or a dryer may cause your blanket to shrink.

{{USING}}: Your yoga blanket is meant to help you feel warm and secure, whether in Shavasa or on the couch watching your favorite movie.

When using, all you have to worry about is avoiding the consumption of foods or drinks that could potentially stain the fabric.

Careful with certain types of jewelry too. As we know, our favorite sweaters can easily get caught up in how “beautiful your bracelet is” and tear or snag the material.

{{STORING}}: Keep your blankets in a clean space, preferably in a bin or cabinet where no dust can settle amongst the fabric.

Your blanket can be stored and used like all other blankets fortunately. Taking proper measures to ensure cleanliness and good use is easily done.


6. Fitness Equipment

Including fitness balls, weights, rollers, bands and chairs.

exercise-ball-374948.jpg{Yoga Accessories Yoga Balance Ball}

{{CLEANING}}: After your workout, your fitness equipment can get pretty….well disgusting! Just like in a gym, a good wipe down using the right ingredients is necessary.

{ Our Germ Blitz Cleaning Spray is absolutely amazing for killing 99% of bacteria and all traces of mold and mildew}

On a budget? Mix one part white vinegar to three parts water and wipe down the surface of your equipment. Refrain from those harsh chemicals though, they could potentially harm the material of your equipment …. Or leave a weird residue.  

{{USING}}: Depending on the type of fitness equipment, following the tips in the instructors is a great way to make sure you get the best use out of your product.

For fitness balls, be weary of sharp objects when using, like jewelry or rough surfaces, in order to avoid even the smallest puncture into the material.

Most fitness equipment is durable enough to withstand numerous conditions, so it’s best to make your best judgement when it comes to the proper way to use them.

{{STORING}}: Your fitness equipment can be stored in the most convenient place of your choosing. Take proper precautions in where you place your items, so they don’t cause any unwanted accidents.

It wouldn’t be a picnic if someone tripped over one placed on the ground, or if an item were to fall from high shelving. Just be careful and smart about where you store your equipment.


Any other questions about your product, please feel free to call us at (888) 886-9642. 

Feel free to also share your favorite ways of taking care of your yoga products below!