Yoga Accessories Guide:

Different Ways to Use Your Yoga Products


Even the most experienced yogis could be missing a technique or interesting new way to use their product. Whether you are just starting your practice or have found your place of contentment, fulfill your curiosity and check out the many different ways we encourage you to use your yoga products.


{{Table of Contents}}

1. Yoga Mats

2. Bolsters & Cushions

3. Blocks & Wedges

4. Straps

5. Blankets

6. Fitness Equipment





1. Yoga Mats

Rolling your yoga mat can be useful in your practice for creating a bolster-like effect in shavasana, seated positions and inversions.


Roll your mat half way for tailbone and spine support while in lotus. Or lay on the portion of the mat still flat and use the halfway roll for knee support during corpse pose. Even as a head rest for you to practice plow pose and bridge, get creative with your mat to your best advantage.  









2. Bolsters & Cushions  

Use a bolster to support your back and knees during restorative yoga and within your regular practice.

I personally like to use my bolster when stretching to help me increase flexibility. If I am ever trying out a new pose that seems a little daunting, even using the support of the bolster for the first few times provides support for my body to get used to the positioning.

The poses I find my bolster the most useful include:

{{Hero Pose}}


{Yoga Accessories Dragonfly Studio Standard Bolster- Equipped with 2 Handles & Washable Cover}


 {{Seated Forward Bend}}



{{Fish Pose}}


{{Shavasana/ Corpse Pose}}


{{Bow Pose}}




Yoga props are here to support you in your practice so you can remain comfortable while your body is trying out new things. Whether that means stretching yourself a little further out in length or putting your feet up over your head, they are great to have around.



3. Blocks & Wedges

IMG_1844 copy.jpg

{Yoga Accessories Dragonfly Cork Yoga Block }

Blocks and Wedges are great for extending deeper into poses to lengthen the spine and contain proper alignment of the body.

You can use them in a variety of different poses to give you that extra length to bring the floor to you.  

Use them in restorative poses on your pressure points to release tension and fall deep into relaxation. For example, using two 3”-4” blocks in corpse pose or shavasana, place one under the neck and the other vertical along the spine for a great release. I come home from work and almost fall asleep in this stance!


{Yoga Accessories 6” Original Superblock}


Wedges, placed under the hands during downward-facing dog pose, can deepen that stretch further. Sort of like when you “walk the dog” for your ankles, a wedge up front and awakening the upper back muscles.

Blocks and wedges apply pressure where needed throughout your practice, and also bring the floor to you when needed for your spine to remain aligned and straight.

If you notice during your practice that you start to feel pain in your upper or lower back, use a block or wedge as a solution to continue your practice in ease.


4. Straps

Stretch out your legs and increase flexibility using your yoga straps by creating a pressure against the bottom of your foot/feet. This method is better than a seated forward bend because it allows you to keep the back flat and spine straight while trying to encourage the legs to come to you. Check it out:


Use your strap as a method to carry your mat, the video below helps guide you through this easy approach step-by-step:




Giving you just a few of our favorite ways to incorporate yoga straps into your practice, there are numerous methods they can be used for.


Acro Yoga, a series of balancing poses including two people, could benefit from using straps to help couples practice new and harder poses together.


For example, If the one balancing on top had a hand meant to fly free, practicing that balance at first holding a strap secured by the one on bottom could help achieve this initial balance.  




5. Blankets


{Yoga Accessories Traditional Mexican Blanket}


These comfy cozy yoga props are more useful than decorations for your couch or meditation corner. Mostly used in shavasana as a method to contain body warmth, blankets can be extremely useful to your practice when folded and rolled as well.




Use blankets to add cushion to the knees and support the back during your practice, like in the pictures below:


{{Hero Pose/ Seated Positions}}:


{{Cat/Cow Poses}}:



 {{Seated Forward Bend}}:



{{Shavasana/ Corpse Pose}}:


Every yogi or studio should have a blanket(s) to incorporate in their practice. These multi-function props are great tools to use both within and out of your workout.


Admirable to use outside of your practice as well, yoga blankets are great to take camping, to the beach or for use at home too. They give me a nice little reminder of that time spent on my mat, as well as providing a comfortable, durable surface or cover needed in other activities.






6. Fitness Equipment

In this article, we chose to represent our three favorites including Core Training Balls, T-Sphere Massage Balls and  Anti-burst Yoga Balls.


Using your fitness equipment to your best advantage may seem like a no brainer, but with so much versatility in the products you never know whether or not you could be missing a great exercise.


{{Professional Core Training Ball}}:


{Yoga Accessories Professional Core Training Ball}


Used for a great abdominal workout, the core training ball is perfect for the beloved lazy man’s easy yet efficient exercise. In bridge pose, use the core training ball in between your knees as you move your bottom to the floor and up to the sky. This workout is also great for the calves and glutes.




Holding the ball in between your feet, move your legs and arms together making a “V” while exchanging the ball from your feet to hands and back again, generating a steaming core.




Incorporating our Backless Yoga Chair, use the core training ball along with this product or any chair as a barre exercise. Holding the ball between your thighs, squat down and up to work almost every part of your lower body. This workout is a killer in the studio!


 {{Dragonfly T-Sphere’s Massage Balls}}:


{Yoga Accessories Dragonfly T-Sphere’s Massage Balls}


This relaxing tool is used to apply on your pressure points for stress and tension relief. Pressure points include: back of neck (where spine meets skull), above tailbone, mid-back, back of the knee and under balm of foot.




Incorporating these pressure points into your practice by using the T-Sphere’s Massage Balls while moving through your flow. Check out how in the video below:


 {{Anti-Burst Yoga Balls}}:



Along with infinite exercises, these body-sized fitness balls are great for assisting in wheel pose, backbends, spine lengthening and core.


FOR CORE: Sitting on your fitness ball, cross your arms over your chest and practice sit ups or crunches as you would on the ground. Position the fitness ball above or on your tailbone for enhanced results.

Use these anti-burst yoga balls to stretch the body out for your flow.


Getting your body prepared for bending backwards, practice using your fitness ball to become familiar with the motion. Lay on it, tummy up, and extend your arms back moving to reach the floor. Once your hands reach the floor, push up into wheel pose trying to release the ball from under you.






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Feel free to also share your favorite ways of taking care of your yoga products below!