How to Master The Elastic Strap

We all enjoy the idea of having a single product to help us get fit. However, even when we purchase that one perfect product, we sometimes get lost in all the best ways to properly use it.

We can spend hours researching the web and pulling out our phone/computer each time we workout … OR

We can buy an exercise prop that has all the exercises already printed on the product itself.

Our new Elastic Stretch Educated Strap has fourteen different exercises printed on both sides of the full length of the strap, guaranteeing a full body workout.

With eight pockets for multiple placement options, this strap is great for fitness gurus of all heights and ages. The exercises are easy to follow along with, giving you a quick and easy reliable workout.

The band itself is lightweight and made of a thick nylon and rubber. Placement is manageable knowing it won’t easily slip out of place while doing each exercise.

The slightest change in positioning can target contrary muscle groups. The difference shown above between the two exercises, #5 and #10, is between the targeted thigh muscle on the left and the working glute muscle on the right.

The eight loops allow you to practice different yoga poses in each stage of your development. As you increase your flexibility, you’ll continue to move up a space until you have reached the final loop… which continues to stretch with just enough resistance.   

This strap provides an education through all of its illustrated exercises, making it the perfect fitness tool for those who have trouble getting or staying motivated. Master the strap by learning all fourteen exercises, gaining the ability to apply the knowledge to all future workouts.