Loved How My Yoga Teacher Included This Ab Workout in our Class

Core is Important

As I first discovered yoga, I quickly learned that having a strong and powerful core is a necessity for your practice (you kind of use it for every movement). Which is why I am always so grateful when my yoga teachers include a targeted ab workout within the class (especially over the holiday seasons).  

My Life-Saving Yoga Class

Every Wednesday night, I take this incredible yoga class under my “yoga guru,” as I call her, which encompasses a hot vinyasa flow where she incorporates some creative flows in the dimly lit 90-100 degree room. She is always so wild and free-spirited with her movements, making each class unique … I simply can’t get enough!


Last night, she included a core piece using Navasana or Boat Pose which was absolutely perfect before Savasana.

It was just enough to fire up my abdominal muscles!

{ Writer’s Note: “When I was first learning yoga, boat pose was one of the hardest for me. I had to hold my legs up to snap this picture!” }

Once we shifted to a seated position towards the end of class, we rocked back into boat pose. We held it for about 20-30 seconds before rocking forward into an Indian seat. Lifting our seat up off the mat, we then used our hands to push me up from behind (felt great).

Rocking back into boat pose again, I could feel myself become more flexible and intense with my placement now. Each time I became stronger and stronger.

 I could also really feel the fire in my stomach!

Switching the leg we crossed in front, we came back up into our Indian seat and lifted again. We did this sequence about five times before laying back into our savasana to ground ourselves.

It was a perfect way to incorporate a well-needed ab workout after the holidays into our class.