Is Wrist Pain Affecting Your Practice?

If you find your wrists starting to hurt during your yoga practice, you may be placing your weight on the wrong places. The solution to this recurring discomfort may not be that you have bad or weak wrists, but sincerely just the placement of your hands on the mat.  

To place your hands properly on the mat, please refer to the

guidance below:

In any yoga pose, the palm is part of the main foundation needed for your body to correctly execute the alignment.

Each finger must be placed flushed to the mat, and the entire perimeter of the palm should be evenly weighted. This ensures that the inner hand is as heavy as the outer hand.

Whatever you do, do not lift the weight off the knuckle of your index finger.

Your pinky and index fingers need to remain rooted on the mat to keep weight evenly distributed. In addition to the keeping the outside and inside fingers rooted, think of the triangle your index finger and thumb create. This triangle must remain firmly pressed against the mat to avoid moving all weight to the outside of your hands.

When transitioning between poses, keep fingers flat and the perimeter of the palm down. This technique helps you avoid lifting that triangle from the mat.

To practice this hand placement, form your hands into prayer position (Anjali Mudra), pressing the entire perimeter of the palms together, as well as the length of each finger into its match.

When done correctly, there will be a space in the center heel of the hands. The small space or lift moves up the forearm and into the shoulder.

You can feel your wrists supported as the weight moves up into the hands.


If this technique doesn’t work, you may need to work on hand strengthening exercises or need proper care gear to ensure safety. Shop a few of ours below: