Keeping in Touch With Your Mom Through a Shared Yoga Practice


From the perspective of an adult living a few hours away or almost an entire state from my parents, this article shares my personal experience of how yoga connected my mom and I across all the distance life created.

My mom and I have always been very close, like calling every day close. So graduating college and moving out was hard for both of us. Although proud, both my parents were still getting used to the idea of their first “baby bird leaving the nest.” It took some getting used to.

After 5-6 years of monthly visits and family vacations, I could literally feel the difference in how busy my adult life has become (it gets a little stressful sometimes), making holidays the only time I get to see family now. Life just kind of happens, you know?

A little over a year ago, after beginning my yoga practice, I decided to introduce it to my mom. I really felt it could help her not only stay active in her busy life but also reconnect and unwind. I told her all about the beginning of my journey and how much of a difference my practice has made in my life thus far., hoping it would do the same for her.  

{Yoga Kit For Her }

I gifted my mom her first yoga kit last Mother’s Day, with all its pinks and purples! She loved it and told me she felt like this was something we could do together now. Ever since she began her practice, we have regained our closeness and connection even over the distance and the lack of personal time together.

{ My mom’s such an inspiration to me }

My mom started taking classes locally, and now when I visit, we do yoga together. I’m not going to lie, it’s awesome to visit home and continue my practice with my mom.

I practice yoga because it helps me remain present and centered in my constantly changing life (the 20’s are fun but they are a roller coaster ride for sure). With my practice, I am able to cope with various circumstances and embrace my own personal growth as I enter my 30’s.

Being able to talk to my mom about my practice, and her with me, has helped us to connect further on this journey called life.