Large Silk Eye Pillow - Lavender Scented

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Large Silk Eye Pillow - Lavender Scented
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Luxurious silk eye pillow in large size
Filled with organic flax seed and soothing dried lavender
Large size: 5" x 8"
Hand wash, hang dry

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Ah, the sweet and soothing scent of lavender! Quiet your mind and deepen relaxation with our luxurious Large Silk Eye Pillow. This eye pillow is lightly scented -- filled with a calming blend of earthy organic flax seed and dried lavender blossoms. The gently weighted pillows help calm the mind while subtly adding weight over the eyes and completely blocking out light. Our large eye pillows are a great tool to enhance meditation, Shavasana, and relaxation or restorative poses. The soft silk cover is removable for easy cleaning.

This eye pillow is also available with a cotton cover, without lavender, or in a smaller size.

Pro Tip: Prolong scent by storing your eye pillow in a Ziplock bag. To deepen relaxation, our flax-filled eye pillows can be heated by removing the cover and placing in the microwave for 30 seconds to one minute. To cool, remove cover and massage in a few drops of peppermint essential oil into the pillow. Place in freezer for at least two hours prior to use.

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