Large Yoga Mat Harness Strap

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Large Yoga Mat Harness Strap
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Wraps easily around thick and performance mats
Extra long, adjustable Velcro straps
Neutral black complements any mat color

Everyone loves thick performance yoga mats, but no one loves trying to stuff a heavy weight mat into a tiny yoga mat bag. The Large Yoga Mat Harness in plain black by Yoga Accessories is the perfect solution to all of your large mat problems: the lightweight, extra long Velcro mat straps wrap around any yoga mat with ease. It can also fit snug around a yoga mat rug, blanket, towel, or combination. In a hurry? Wrap up your performance mat and hot yoga towel up together and you're out the door in a couple seconds. It will be a perfect fit, guaranteed. Comfortable and durable, this yoga mat sling is a must-have in any yogi's toolbox.

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