Manduka PRO Yoga Mat - 85"

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Manduka PRO Yoga Mat - 85"
Part Number: YPE5MKBXXX85
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Measures: 85" L x 26" W x 1/4" H
Material: Blend of polyester and eco-certified PVC
Weight: 9 lbs
Lifetime Guarantee Ensures Durability

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This longer version of Manduka's PRO mat is widely-approved in the yoga community for its superior performance and longevity. This PRO Mat is 85" long for taller yogis or those who simply prefer more head space. Textured, fabric-like top surface structure is super sticky and closed cell for easy clean-up and longevity. Bottom surface features grooved dotted pattern to keep your mat locked down to any solid surface. Body of the mat is rigid, yet soft on hands and joints. A hot yoga favorite. Simplicity at its finest!

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