My First Hot Yoga Experience

If you are thinking of trying a hot yoga class, but can’t get past the thought of that  hot room full of people . . . Read my first experience. It’s not as bad as you think.

Disregarding my notions of what hot yoga might actually entail, I decided to sign up for my first class. After hearing such great reviews about how it can detoxify the body and give you a better calorie-burning workout, I figured the benefits were worth it.

Before taking this great first step, I had pictured a unbearable hot room full of sticky sweaty people, noting that I may pass out after the first ten minutes (from smell or heat). I was fearful of what hot yoga was … because it’s not the usual to workout in 100-110 degrees.

Like most, this fear had previously stopped me from trying it out. Until now.

Walking into the heated room, already half full of people, I noticed there wasn’t really a smell. I was thankful. I was sure it would have been potent with so many bodies gathered in such a hot space (Not every space is the same).

Laying my mat down, my muscles instantly relaxed as I stretched out my legs and arms in preparation for the class. It was definitely hot in there, but surprisingly not as humid as expected.  

When we think hot, we think humid. Hot yoga isn’t humid.

I moved without hesitation and at ease in the relaxed space. The class was a vinyasa flow, perfect for a first timer like me. I felt myself more in touch with my body since the environment really conditions you to pay attention.

I definitely sweated a lot more than usual, but everyone really embraced it and made it not such a big deal. I enjoyed the concentration of the room since the heat forced your mind to stay closely in tune with how your body was doing at all times.

I have to say, sometimes my mind tends to wander more in a regular yoga class.

After exchanging Namaste and exiting the classroom, I was hooked. I had a powerful and fulfilling workout/personal experience. I find it to challenge the mind and body simultaneously, giving you the best benefits of yoga.

There’s definitely a meditation to hot yoga.

Following my first experience, I would advise a few things for first timers like me:

  1. Bring a towel

(you are definitely going to need to wipe your face)

  1. Bring a water bottle

(drink before class too; no heavy meals)

  1. Do not wear shorts. Wear capris and a sports bra at minimum.

(You’ll slide right off yourself when posing)

  1. Bring the right mat.

(One that you can practice and sweat on without slipping)

I hope sharing my first hot yoga experience helps those in curiosity or discouragement of trying it out. Please feel free to comment below with additional questions or shared mementos from your first experience.