Poses To Strengthen Your Dancer

As one of our in-house yogis says, “It’s all about those front hip flexors if you want to improve your dancer.” When it comes to increasing flexibility, those muscles tend to be the ticket to getting into the splits or improving upon more advanced yoga poses like King Dancer Pose.

As I am personally working on improving my dancer, I found that just after a few days of doing these poses, my leg went from being parallel to the floor to a raised angle upwards.

I know more repetition, dedication, and commitment to continuing my new daily ritual will lead me in the right direction to achieving my own personal best!

In excitement for my newly found results, I would love to share my daily ritual with all of you! Make it your own, but these are the yoga poses I incorporate into a sequence to stretch out my front hip flexors:

Low Lunge

Stretch your hip flexors and introduce a mild backbend.


One of the best poses for hip flexors.


Open up your chest.

Cobra/ Upward Dog

Lift up and open your chest, while strengthening your lower back.

Shoulder opener with blocks

Open your shoulders for an easier reach backward. Love our Dragonfly Yoga Cork Yoga Blocks for how sturdy they are!

Half Frog

Stretch each leg and knee carefully.

High King Pigeon

Full King Pigeon

Don't force the connection.


The natural curve of the spine.

Then, use a Yoga Strap

Yoga Straps are the best yoga props to improve flexibility. They have aided me in multiple other poses within my practice, as well as stretching outside of practice too.

Share your results with me! I would love to see anyone who also benefits from this daily routine!