{ For the Sake of Your Tummy }

Eating the right types of foods before yoga, or a sweat session of any kind, is very important. The less distracted your stomach is while your muscles are working, the better you'll be able to perform and get the most out of your workout.

SMODGS, with its many meanings, is a helpful word/acronym to remember before yoga.


There are certain foods that you should stray away from before you practice yoga, or exercising the body.

If you have lunch or dinner plans, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to stretching and moving around that stomach of yours. When in doubt, always remember


Sounds silly right? This acronym actually has a meaning behind it though! More than just a helpful tool for your tummy, SMODGS has a definition under both numerological and esoteric meaning.

By numerological analysis, SMODGS symbolizes a path of change and freedom. On this path, one is strong, dynamic and adventurous. Mobility gives us this feeling, the feeling of being uncontained and wild {Go Exercise!} Which brings me it’s next meaning under esoteric symbolism . . .  life. You can see how both of these meanings go hand-in-hand, right?

Anything that makes it harder for your tummy to pay attention to the various muscles movements going on throughout the body, like heavy meals or processed foods, the harder it will be for you to

your full potential during your exercise.

Don’t feel weighed down, stick to eating raw fruits and veggies before yoga. At the very most, a granola bar is a good way to fuel the body before a sweat session of any kind.