The 4 Necessary Props for your Yoga Space


When looking for the best additions to your yoga space, these four yoga props are considered the best.

Yoga is all about training the mind and directing your attention inward. Using yoga props help you to focus less on any external strain or struggle, and more on your perception and quality of peace. Reflect inward yogis.

Listed below (in order we believe) are the four necessary yoga props needed to make your yoga space and comfortable and inviting experience:


{ Yoga Accessories 4” Foam Yoga Block &  Dragonfly 4” Cork Yoga Block }


1. Blocks


Yoga Blocks have the ability to bring the floor to your hands when it would otherwise be impossible. They allow your arms to reach that extra few inches when in a challenging pose. Some may need one or two inches while others may need something as large as a 6” superblock.


Blocks are also great as a way to ease the stretch in hamstrings and the lower back when placed under the bottom to elevate the pelvis (like in bridge pose).


Also great for relieving that extra bit of tension placed under the neck and along the spine (restorative yoga).


Not just for newbies, blocks can help you advance further as well.


In order to teach your body that extra level of flexibility, to reach your full personal potential, it involves utilizing blocks for their support in new poses as well as placing them as extenders to add length in existing ones.


The biggest goal for our yoga blocks is to make you feel comfortable. If you can feel comfortable in your practice, you will stay on the path that much longer.




2. Bolsters


Yoga bolsters are dense pillows of varying sizes used to support particular parts of the body in different asanas. Like other yoga props, they help take the strain off the body as you ease from pose to pose.


Used mainly in restorative yoga, these cushions provide not only comfort but support for the body to achieve the best circulation of blood flow. A few ways they are used for this are listed below:


  • Leg Circulation: Placed under the knees during Shavasana (corpse pose). Encourage a feeling of floating.

  • Abdomen & Gut Circulation: Stick a bolster under the lower back for a supportive backbend (fish pose, bridge or easing into wheel).

  • Chest Circulation: Lengthwise along the mid to upper back, neck, and head to open the heart chakra.





{ Yoga Accessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket }

3. Blankets


The yoga blanket, or Mexican blanket, is possibly the most multifaceted yoga prop around. It can be used in a multitude of different ways because the shape is easily transformable. Make it into a mini bolster, head pillow, or fold it up into a zabuton-like shape for meditation.

“It can be used in a multitude of different ways because the shape is easily transformable.”

The yoga blanket is helpful in:

  • Alleviating stiff muscles while in seated poses.

  • When folded up and placed under your pelvis.

  • Folded under your head as a pillow.

  • Used spread out to keep your body warm in Shavasana.

  • A way to relieve pressure on joints in poses like a crescent warrior by tucking a blanket under your heels to slightly change the angle of the pose.

Yoga blankets are useful outside the studio as well -- on the beach as an extra layer between your beach towel and the sand, or even as a picnic blanket!

Not a fan of squishy mats? Give a yoga blanket a try by using it as your ground instead. The soft material grips sweaty hands and feet without sliding out from under you.





4. Straps

 Let's be clear. Yoga Straps are amazing. They allow control in a pose that would not be allowed otherwise. A yoga belt allows new practitioners to slowly and completely stretch out. Enjoy the feeling of extension with a little assistance.


  • Stretch tight hamstrings after a long run.

  • Use a belt as an assistant in keeping arms together in a handstand.

  • Try doing stretches with a strap for any pose when you haven't quite found the length yet.


Yoga straps are used by yogis of all levels to help you stretch and relax into a pose more deeply and effectively. Attempting certain poses without the assistance of a strap may result in incorrect alignment and you won’t receive the natural benefits of the pose. Yoga straps will help you become more flexible and help you to learn difficult poses.




These four props are necessary for every yoga space, as they are all great contributors to your practice. They aid in helping you achieve your highest level of flexibility and strength, while also helping you to focus on what’s going on internally versus any struggle externally.





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