A yoga rug, as fewer than expected know, is another type of yoga mat or surface for your practice. Its thickly woven cotton material is 100% environmentally friendly and perfect for any outdoor setting. This alternative mat provides a non-slip surface on its own or can be layered with another mat material.        

The most advanced form of a travel mat, a yoga rug is agreeable to use in exceedingly more diverse environments, serve multiple purposes, and do it all in great repetition.

{ Yoga Accessories Cotton Multi Shade Yoga Rug }

Home Decor

One of the ways I use my yoga rug while not traveling  is in my home. The durable canvas-like cotton material makes it great for laying in my front hallway. I even find myself practicing yoga in my pajamas some mornings due to its convenient location between two closely spaced walls. When it starts to collect some dirt, I throw it in my washer on cold with some detergent and then hang it over my shower to dry.

Beach Blanket

A towel usually does the job pretty well when it comes to spending time in the sand, but for some, a yoga rug provides better support from the sand under us taking too much shape to our bodies. How many times have you had to shake out your towel and reposition it on top of the sand?

A yoga rug is thick enough to claim its space on top of the sand to avoid the movement that brings all that sand to the surface. I like to layer with my towel for extra comfort, but this method has become a must for all my beach trips!  

Tent Bottom

Glamping anyone? Pitching a tent and organizing all your supplies inside for convenient maneuvering is a must, but what about your feet? Bringing my yoga rug and laying it in the space next to my bed helped to remove dirt from my feet and supply a dry place to sit during either those rain storms or morning dew. We all know a towel can be a lifesaver while camping, so an even more absorbent yoga rug keeps your space a little extra dry when you need it most!  

Grass Yoga

Those pop-up outdoor yoga classes can be a real treat! However, bringing the yoga mat you usually use in an indoor studio setting can not only damage the mat but also make for a harder uneven surface to practice on.

Instead, why not bring your yoga rug for these outdoor classes? They will conform to any surface placed on while also providing the comfort and support needed during your practice. The superabsorbent durable material will keep your surface dry, while also being easily brought back to new with a quick wash afterward.

Having a separate yoga mat for indoor and outdoor environments is very necessary to ensure a longer life for both mats.

Yoga Mat Protection

If you love your indoor yoga mat too much and can’t see yourself practicing without it, try using the yoga rug underneath while outside to protect its material. Great for festivals as well, you can avoid damp or muddy grounds by using a yoga rug to protect your yoga mat for every outdoor class.

{ Folded in half above; Available in 4 color options }

You can purchase a yoga rug from almost any yoga vendor, but from my personal experience, I have been using the one from Yoga Accessories for about 4 years now and it still looks and feels brand new. Aside from some color-fading from most likely the detergent I have been using, I would highly recommend their yoga rug not only for the affordable price but also for a yoga rug that will most likely last a lifetime.

Namaste Yogis!