The Live Well Project

Event Date: March 19th, 2017 | San Diego, CA

Each year, over 1500-2000 women are deemed homeless after running away from abusive homes or losing family to illness/violence.  

And each year, The Live Well Project gives hundreds of those girls a source of inspiration and an important first step in taking control of their lives again.

Based out of San Diego, California, this inspirational one-day event promotes health, fitness and self-love to over 300 at-risk girls. Founded by Michelle Weinstein and Meeshie Nguyen, this non-profit program combines fifteen young professionals who are deeply committed to empowering young girls. The event provides free transformation workshops, activities and performances for teens, giving greater exposure to a philanthropic community. Partnering with dozens of homeless youth and foster care organizations, The Live Well Project teaches girls how to take care of their mind and body again by giving support, education, inspiration, leadership, empowerment and awareness to nourish themselves during this event.

This year, Yoga Accessories donated a yoga mat to each girl who attended, as a way to help contribute to such an amazing cause. The mats were used during the wellness portion of the event to practice yoga, zumba, hip-hop and other workouts as a group.



Each three parts of the event have their own methods to inspire these girls to nourish themselves and collect a positive mindset. The community portion is broken down into story telling, inspirational talks and cultural performances, which unite the group to share their personal experiences and communicate on similarities with understanding and guidance. The wellness portion focuses on fitness, building the body with endorphins and muscle strength to create uplifting and empowering spirits. The last portion, on self-love, encourages control and devotion with fun pampering activities including a photo shoot, manis and pedis, goal setting and nutritional strategies.


Extending their good cause outside of San Diego, The Live Well Project has another event coming up this August 2017 in Anaheim, CA for both girls and boys ages 12-18. Teaming up with the largest Fit Expo on the west coast, The Live Well Project moves into the Los Angeles area to spread growth and prosperity to all those in need.