Unfilled Sandbag for Yoga and Pilates

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Unfilled Sandbag for Yoga and Pilates
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High quality, heavy-duty cotton exterior
Adjust to desired weight
Machine-washable outer liner
Zippered inner lining prevents leakage
Dimensions: 7.5'' x 17''

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Shipping sand can be really expensive! That's why Yoga Accessories created unfilled sandbags for yoga or Pilates practice. If you can't find dry sand to fill it with, do not despair! Grab a bag of dry rice, dry beans, or fill with marbles or dry pebbles. You can even get creative and throw some dried lavender in with some dry rice for added aromatherapeutic appeal! These bags are leak-proof with a two layer design: outer cotton layer is machine-washable and zippered. Inner zippered liner holds filler and keeps everything in tact. Sand bags are used strategically in yoga or Pilates exercises to deepen stretch and improve total body strength. Here’s a useful tip for fitness trainers: Use colors to differentiate weight variations. For example, fill the green bags with 5 pounds of sand, the black with 8 pounds and red with 10 pounds of sand. The bags can hold up to ten pounds of weight and have a sturdy, reinforced handle on the top. Choose from 4 subdued plain colors or green with a red embroidered Om symbol or purple with white embroidered lotus.

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