Use Yoga Blocks to Get Into the Splits

Some yoga poses require a bit more flexibility than others. While bending your legs up and behind your head isn’t for everyone, here is a way to use yoga blocks to gradually extend into the splits. For best results, practice everyday until flexibility is achieved.

Splits with Blocksjpg.jpg

  • Taking your lunge to the floor, stretch both left and right inner thighs. Lean back and push into both your front and back legs as you sink. 

  • Moving your body weight to the back, push back on your calf, extending the leg in front of you straight. Do this for each leg, attempting to touch your knee with your nose each time. 

  • On your knees, extend each leg straight while keeping the other at a 90 degree angle to the floor. Attempt to touch your nose to knee again. Do this for each leg.

  • Now, on your knees again, press your hands into the blocks as you lift your feet. Almost like a modified push up using the blocks.

  • For pleasure, and an extra stretch for your back, extend back into child’s pose placing your elbows on the blocks for elevation.

  • Stretch both legs out into what your current split is and hold your body weight up using the blocks. Bounce deeper into the splits to relax your thigh muscles. Don’t overdo it though, considering you have to do this daily. Pointing and flexing your feet helps your muscles relax.  

  • Remember each person is different, so for some they might only need the blocks for a week or two, and for others it could take a month before they move to just the mat. Take your time and try to include some of these moves into your practice. 

You’ll get it!

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