Ways to Recycle Old Yoga Mats

Replacing an old, well-loved yoga mat is necessary over time once the grip begins to wear thin or soft and the material can no longer become clean when washed.

The question is, what do you do with these old mats?

Some say donating an old mat to those who need one is the most charitable thing to do, but to be honest, gifting someone an old yoga mat may not be the best for their practice and can overall do more harm than good. Injuries happen more often on yoga mats that have worn into the point where slipperiness is unavoidable. Gifting new yoga mats, even our standard ¼” mat, is the best way to donate to another’s practice.

When replacing your mat, here are a few ways we have seen old yoga mats recycled in various creative ways:

Surface Area for Pets

In the photo captured above, an old yoga mat was used to cover the back seat of a car in order to create a pet-friendly surface. This avoids accidents ruining the interior of your car, while also providing a cushion for comfort during joy rides. Nails can always be an issue especially, so using an old mat for this purpose works out very well! A disclaimer for pet owners, please do not use yoga mats with pets who will try to eat the material, as it is not exactly great for digestion.

Placemats & Rugs

Cutting up your old mat into shapes for placemats, coasters, and perhaps even a floor mat can be extremely effective for containing dirt and liquids you don’t want to scatter the floor. Cutting a yoga mat in half and placing it under your cat’s litter box is the BEST way to contain the litter from spreading across the floor!

Cut into placemats for the dinner table or coasters for an outdoor/indoor area! The possibilities are endless when it comes to switching your perspective from having a yoga mat, to now having a durable, waterproof and dirt-containing material to cut up and use as you please!

Kitchen Organization

Another surface area to cover and utilize this material is in your kitchen! Place under a drying rack to prevent dripping dishes and pans from leaking onto the rest of the countertop.

Cut up cabinet-sized pieces and use to place glasses and dishes for a soft surface (you can sanitize your mat first with bleach). Even use underneath for a soft surface area to place appliances and loud pots and pans.

Outdoor Uses

An old yoga mat can be a great place for shoes if you prefer others not to wear them into the house. Especially in the winter for snow boots to avoid slippery floors and tracking in mud.

The possibilities really are limitless when it comes to recycling your old mat(s). After asking our loyal customers and discovering personal ways to recycle, we have come up with a master list of different ideas for you to take advantage of.  

  • Underneath an outdoor kids pool (deck use)

  • Nail to outdoor wooden steps for padding

  • Use to cover a truck bed

  • Use on a boat to cover the floor and other surface areas

  • Wrap around the edge of a dock and nail down to create a injury-avoiding padding

  • Use in a stable to provide a comfy flooring for horses when getting groomed

  • Cover your trunk in a laid-out yoga mat for a second surface area

  • Place under your beach towel for extra padding at the beach

  • Insert inside a hammock for extra padding and extension when laying

  • Use as a tablecloth for a long outdoor buffet table during a summer cookout to place food

  • Use as a shower mat/rug in the bathroom

  • Cut up and use as bubble wrap when moving or mailing packages

Discover your own ways to recycle your old yoga mats and share them with us! We would love to add your creativity to our blog.