What Every Yogi Will Need For Their Desk This Winter

Set the mood for your environment and avoid the winter blues.

Winter is a beautiful time of year, however, this season also presents us with fewer daytime hours and for most, colder weather. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the snow and fresh air! Like most though, my body needs a lot of sunshine to keep me going {S.A.D. is a real thing}.

When the sun starts to hibernate a little, I spice up the areas I spend the most time in order to encourage and maintain a pleasant mood during those darker months.

Here are few things I would recommend adding to your desk this season:

Fitness Ball

This thing can change your environment completely. One, sitting on a fitness ball versus a chair works your abs and gives your body more freedom to move around. I like freedom, don’t you?

Two, you can bounce while you work. Do I need to say more?

A fitness ball is the absolute best thing to add to your desk. I know it helps increase my serotonin levels, especially when I forget it doesn’t have a back!

Inspirational Books

Even if you don’t really have the time to read during work, adding a few books to your desk provides opportunity. Read during lunch or take five to redirect the attention of your mind. Books of reference are great to add since they become useful when you least expect it. As well as adding books you are interested in since they provide a source of reward and reassurance of identity.

It’s amazing to me how a glance up at one of my favorite books can motivate me!

Air-Purifying Plants

Not only can they improve the quality of air in your space, but they provide a beautiful place for the eye to rest.

Everyone does this… you get stuck on a thought and then end up kind of staring blankly at a random object until your mind sort of “works again.”

I have dried lavender. You can have a tall elephant ear plant. The choice is yours, but this is definitely one of my favorites to add.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

As one of the most pristine primal elements on Earth, Himalayan salt has been known for its ability to benefit the human body, containing all the same natural elements. With the power to remove negative energy, improve mood, sleep, and overall function of our internal systems, turning this on once you enter your space can definitely take the edge off.

Back Pillow

Your lower back loves you. Support it. Give it a place to rest its head.

I use a Pranayama Bolster because it fits the space between my lower back and the chair perfectly, and doesn’t tend to get bored and wander off.

It doesn’t move around on you is what I’m saying.

Get one. They are a life-saver for all times of the year.

Little Trinkets

These little guys can really make or break your space. Whether it includes healing crystals, small gadgets, candles, or personal mementos, having little trinkets at your desk revert the space to being YOURS.

Bring things in that help you think. That helps you work. That remind you are the things you love and are working towards. Make the space yours.

Want some ideas?....

Etching/Sound Bowl


Hour Glass


Inspirational Post-it Notes

Meditation Box

Health Items: Lotion, Chapstick, Essential Oils

Healing Crystals

Foot Massage Roller