What is Stress Doing To Your Body?

Your Body Can Talk

Carrying out your day-to-day life, whichever type of workload you choose to take on, needs self-management.

Without taking notice of how your body and mind are responding, you could end up doing some serious damage to yourself. Listen to what your body is telling you, it definitely works to communicate what is and is not working. Backaches, neck aches, headaches, joint dysfunction, weight gain, insomnia, irregular bowel movements… any symptoms you weren’t born with, you aren’t supposed to have on a regular basis.

Stop “Crying Wolf”

So stress takes on the form of fight-or-flight mode, where you’re body tends to freak out regardless of which choice it makes. You start releasing those heart-racing chemicals like adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol. These travel to your large muscles, causing your blood pressure to skyrocket!   

You don’t want your body constantly entering and exiting this mode because over time your brain, heart, and muscles will get fed up with your body constantly “crying wolf.”

Regardless of whether it’s the little things or the large and in charge traumatic events, your body will take effect in whichever way you respond.

{Most receive social recuperation from loved ones during and after and traumatic event; which is why they are more likely to deal with their stress better.}

Each part of your body is affecting differently when stress takes a hold:

Brain: Uhhh...I Can’t Remember

Consistent release of cortisol causes your short-term memory to collapse.

Mouth: There’s No Food in Your Mouth Buddy

Grinding and clenching your teeth at night will cause jaw and neck pain, as well as bad news from your dentist.

Nose: Sniff Sniff

All of those allergies you never had will start to show up, or get worse as your immune system is attacked.

Heart: Keep It Pumping

Your risk of heart disease raises as your arteries in the heart narrow and your heart rate increases.

Fertility: Take Care of the Soil

For women, our hypothalamus will get lazy and the reproductive hormones we need to release an egg won’t be released.

Bowels: Five Hour Bathroom Breaks

The balance of gut bacteria will topple and nobody likes an upset stomach. Everything will get backed up and inflamed, instead of “leaving the building.”

Weight: Stressman Fifteen

Your body will gain weight as you burn less and less calories and your metabolism gets lazy.

Back: Like a Cat

Adrenaline released causes our backs to tense up first.

Skin: Never Grow Up

Your skin is a system of its own that needs proper internal function to work at its finest. Otherwise, those wrinkles just come along faster.

There are numerous ways to cope with stress. Getting enough sleep, exercise and personal time can ease the symptoms of stress. Yoga and meditation have been known to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress as well. Direct your attention inward on the body, noticing and listening, focusing on the breath.

It even sounds nice, doesn’t it?

So, do more of it.