You’re probably so excited! You’ve signed up for your first yoga festival and have created your own rigorous daily schedule full of fun events and classes!

Like me, you’ve most likely signed up for as many things as you could, understanding that you may not be able to feel your legs after day 2 or 3,  but who cares (Well, unless your hardest vinyasa class is on day 4).

If you’ve never been to any type of festival, packing for one can seem a bit unnerving, but don’t worry I’ve got you covered. After attending my first yoga festival, and then an entire summer of 3 more, I can tell you EXACTLY what you’ll need to pack. If you plan on camping out, following this packing list I created will ensure you have everything you need for an easy trip! For hotel life, you may not need everything on the list, but do be sure to add any additional toiletries like shampoo and conditioner you won’t see on there (yes, camping is fun haha).

For campers (like me), follow this list below:

You’ll notice the last one says “Fun Festival Gear.” Already knowing what that may entail, I am definitely talking flower crowns, glitter, body paint, hula hoops, knick-knacks, and all the other fun accessories to enlighten your experience. Festivals are after all fun life-changing experiences...calling for you to let loose. No worries if bringing all those goodies aren’t for you, but if you’re looking for some ideas of what to bring or pack … check out what I’ve listed below:

Weighted Hula Hoop

The fact that you can push a button and take each piece apart makes this hula hoop a winner. I dig how it makes it easy to fit in your car, something that’s very needed on trips like these. When you click it together, I’ve found it’s fun to wrap the hoop in pretty ribbon or paint with glitter at home to create a more festive look.

Zabuton Meditation Cushion

Local yoga instructor J.Miles told us he sewed a few together in order to create a mattress! Such a cool idea to create a portable bed! Even one of these would be awesome to take along with you to bring to any meditation, breath-work, or speakeasy lectures you signed up for. You’ll always have a comfy seat handy.  

Dragonfly Microfiber Towel

You're outdoors for most of each day, so naturally, you’re going to want to bring your own towels from event to event in order to wipe away sweat. I suggest bringing a beach towel to lay in the grass under your mat to protect the material, but for your body and face… I suggest a large microfiber towel.

I brought the one featured above by Dragonfly Yoga and it was awesome because I even used it as a mat towel on a hot day before then using it to wipe my body after the class. That’s why you’ll want a towel at least the same length as your mat.

Your Best Yoga Apparel

There’s no competition at festivals, except for being true to yourself and remaining positive throughout the experience. People around you will crave that type of energy and they’ll most likely be expressing the same vibes themselves. Bringing your best yoga apparel is for YOU. I enjoyed wearing all my favorites to each festival because those pieces had become a part of my identity. It’s fun to express yourself fully in order to continue on the path of self-love and acceptance. I featured some of our newest Manduka additions for inspiration, who knows, they may vibe with you!

Travel Yoga Mat

You’ll want a mat that’s lightweight, but also made of a material that can handle a lot of outdoor use. I brought my Dragonfly Natural Lite Rubber yoga mat with me because I usually practice a hot vinyasa class at home, and I knew that I could sweat a ton on it without created a slip-n-slide out in the hot sun. It’s pretty lightweight as well, so I really enjoyed using it all summer.

The only negative thing that happened was when I used it on a 90-degree day once outside all day and my mat got a little hot to the touch. I think any yoga mat would get this hot in that weather, but I would definitely pack a mat towel just in case.

Lesson Learned.

All-in-One Mat Bag

You could carry a mat bag AND a book bag all day around with you, but finding a bag that acts as both is definitely something I wouldn’t pass up. Traveling from event to event is already exhausting (yet amazing), but you’ll be pretty far from your living space all day every day so you’ll need to pack all your necessities. Insert some Damprid sheets into your mat to keep moisture out as well, it helps to eliminate any chance of bacteria build-up.

A mat bag that carries your yoga mat, towel(s), water bottle, snacks, headband, chapstick, wallet, extra yoga outfit for when you need to change after a high-intensity class, phone, phone charger, journal, pens, essential oils, crystals, sunglasses, sunscreen, and even wet wipes … well, you get it.

Foam Rollers

Keep in your living space for at the end of the day. Using a foam roller to soothe your muscles and elevate blood circulation makes for an easier tomorrow. You will be sore, there’s no question about that (unless you didn’t sign up for any physical activity), so looking into mini rollers or massage tools can be a bit of a life-saver to keep your body going.

Yoga Mat Cleaner

Yes, you know your mat will most likely be disgusting by the end of each day! Cleaning your mat before bed is a must unless you aren’t too worried about any build-up. Sometimes it just nice to start each day fresh though.

You’re all set! Remember to let go of any expectations of this experience, yourself, and of others as you enter into this weekend of enlightenment. Be patient with yourself and set an intention or purpose before arriving. Remind yourself of this intention throughout your festival experience and whatever happens, be true to your unique beautiful soul!