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Why You Should Try Yoga Barre

4/6/2017 to Modern Yoga Trends

Why you Should Try Yoga Barre

Why you should try Yoga Barre

Looking for a quick fix to your lower body? Yoga barre is an amazing route to take, combining both the practice of yoga with barre to create a workout that is both satisfying to you and your muscles.

Classes combine ballet-inspired postures with the disciplined breathing techniques and meditation poses of yoga for a workout that really targets each area it isolates. The workout is a series of strength-training exercises, using the barre for balance and holding a series of poses to test the limits of those muscles. Applying high reps with small range-of-motion workouts, you individually target each muscle for a high intensity exercise.

For example, one exercise has you hold a small fitness ball in between your thighs as you use the barre for balance and squat down (keeping a hold on that ball). Now sinking into that squat, you pulse up an inch and back down, really feeling that burn extending upwards into your glutes. With the addition of a pelvic thrust forward in this exercise to straighten and improve your posture, you start to understand how yoga barre is absolutely incredible at targeting specific areas individually.

When trying this class for the first time, I really admired how effective the workout was on my lower body. Yoga barre seems to be an excellent workout for achieving those fast results everyone wants. Practicing yoga regularly, the incorporation of conscious breathing techniques and fluid body movements really associated well with the strength training exercises. I felt as though my body was given a chance to really stretch out those muscles being worked and indulge in what was happening within the targeted muscle group.

Having taken a regular barre class in the past, I understand those workouts to also be extremely effective, but itís non-stop from one high intensity exercise to the next; I find that to be a little over exhausting personally. Yoga barre is great because you still get those spaghetti legs at the end of the workout, but your body isnít too over-worked. Transitioning from downward-facing dog to plank pose, we pulsed down in and out of cobra for a great mixture of yoga and barre exercises.

Give yoga barre a try and see if itís right for you!

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