11 Possible Yoga Mat Quiz Results:

1. Natural Rubber

Looking for a top quality environmentally-friendly yoga mat? You can't go wrong with our 5mm thick Natural Rubber Mat. Its open-cell surface is naturally slip resistant, made with no PVC or toxic materials or ozone-depleting substances. Waste is minimized during production, recycling back into the process for even an eco-friendly production. The Para rubber tree this mat is made from instinctively helps to balance the carbon in the atmosphere, with a quick healing time for the tree due to its natural latex sap production. Enjoy your practice knowing you have contributed no harm to the environment! Measurements include 72”x 24 x 5mm."

2. Premium Weight

Our popular Premium Weight Yoga Mat is a top-performance yoga mat. This extra thick, high stability mat weighs more than 5 pounds (indicative of its density), so it offers the highest performance and comfort you'd expect from a professional grade yoga mat. The 100% latex-free mat has maximum support and cushioning, plus, it provides an added level of non-slip stability on almost any surface. A textured surface provides extra traction for balancing poses. If you're serious about your yoga practice, this premium yoga mat is guaranteed to satisfy. Measurements include 72” x 24” x ¼."


3. Eco-Lite

Covered in an embossed rose pattern, you'll get a good tacky grip on this

closed-cell, natural tree rubber yoga mat. The bottom layer is made of a soft TPE cushion to create the perfect double layer combination. Only 3mm thick, this yoga mat is amazing for travel, as it only weighs 2.5 LBS! The top layer of tree rubber provides an eco-friendly surface for skin contact, leaving the TPE foam base separate. This mat is the lightest natural rubber yoga mat you'll find on the market! Measurements include 68” x 24.”


A great environmental yogi choice, the PURE yoga mat is made free of the 6 most harmful phthalates, making it chemical free and eco-friendly. Long lasting and durable, this extra long and thick mat is comfy for those in need of a nice cushion for practice. The dense material also makes practicing on harder surfaces a breeze! Measurements include 74" x 24" x 1/4."  

5. Gaia Eco

This "green" yoga mat is free of any toxic materials and its production does not contribute to greenhouse emissions (no PVC, no CFCs/HCFCs). This makes our Gaia Eco Yoga Mat the obvious choice for environmentally conscious yogis. Its low-density material reduces weight without losing performance, also containing rounded corners for stability. The super soft high resilient closed-cell NBR foam offers great support and provides plenty of cushion. Because of the closed-cell material, these yoga mats are also easy to clean. Measurements include 70" x 22.5" x 1/4."

6. Anti-Microbial

Great for "germaphobes," this yoga mat has an added layer of ionic silver, making it resistant to potentially harmful bacteria as well as odors. Easy to clean, the added layer won't wash away from the latex-free PVC material of the mat. With its antibacterial properties, this mat is perfect for those looking for a classic mat with a little extra sanitation factor. Measurements include 74” x 24” x ¼."

7. Hot Yoga Lite

This lightweight yoga mat is double-sided, reversible, and foldable! With one side covered with a microfiber material and the other with a natural rubber, you can pick and choose which side works best for each practice. Both surfaces are great for those who get a little sweaty during practice, needing a surface that will hold a good grip. This environmentally friendly mat is latex-free, contains phthalate-free inks, and no heavy metals. Measurements include 69” x 24.”

8. Premium Textured

For a mat that grips the floor and offers an easy-to-clean waterproof closed-cell surface, the Premium Textured Mat is perfect! Made of a durable PVC vinyl foam, its underside contains a honeycomb pattern to allow you to move through your flow without the mat sliding around. The mat is lightweight yet dense for a long product life. Measurements include 72” x 24” x 4mm."  

9. Regular ¼ inch

This classic yoga mat is made of a durable, tear-tested PVC foam, which is latex-free and made with phthalate-free inks. Extra thick and wide than our 1/8 inch mats, this takes the gold as our most popular yoga mat sold today. Perfect for those investing in their practice with a budget-minded approach, this comfy easy-to-clean mat is a real winner! This type of classic mat is also great for those who are tall in height, as there are extra long and wide variations that measure in length up to 84 inches long and 36 inches wide. Classic measurements include 72” x 24” x 1/4.”

10. Regular 1/8  inch

This classic yoga mat is made of a durable, tear-tested PVC foam, which is latex-free and made with phthalate-free inks. It's less thick and shorter in length than our other classic mats, making this great for petite men or women, young adults, and kids. Such a classic yoga mat for those wanting a thinner, easier to transport mat. Measurements include 68” x 24” x ?.”

11. Travel

If you are always traveling out of state, or even out of the country, you are in desperate need of a yoga mat that doesn't take up half your suitcase! This 2mm mat weighs only 1.25 LBS and doesn't require any of the extra fuss (or carry-on space). Great for setting up a new surface for your practice, this mat is easily cleaned and packed up. Made with phthalate-free inks, no heavy metals, and is latex-free. Measurements include 72” x 24.”

Keep in mind that your yoga mat is super personal to your practice. What works for some yogis may not work for others as far as mat selection. It never hurts to try something new if you’re still in search of your perfect mat, so we hope this helps you make this personal choice!