Yoga Tip:

Use Your Elbows, Not Your Back

A local yoga instructor stopped us mid-class and told us to find a seated position. We all looked around at each other confused, was class over?

Our instructor quickly revealed a yoga tip defining the importance of how we positioned our body through our flow.

A traditional Vinyasa flow moves from a forward fold to an outstretched plank, down and up to a cobra or upward dog, and then back to downward-facing dog.

Our instructor got into plank position on her mat and told us about how we can accidentally generate pain by improperly transitioning between poses.

She said,

“When you jump or step back to plank, it’s absolutely vital that you keep your elbows bent. If you keep your arms straight as you transition into plank, you are putting all your body weight into your lower back.”   

Apparently, all of our weight should be carried in our elbows as much as possible. They are one of the strongest points on our bodies.

I have left class feeling a bit sore sometimes, and now I know why. I had been keeping my arms straight instead of bent through my flow.

This yoga tip has been top of mind for me now. I encourage everyone to share this knowledge with their classes as well.