Adjustable Wooden Mat Hanger by YOGA Accessories

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Adjustable Wooden Mat Hanger by YOGA Accessories
Part Number: Y041MATHNG01
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24" x 2.75" x 1"
Metal rods measure - 24.9cm long and 12.8mm thick
Holds up to 12 yoga mats
Distance between two holes: 12" to 20" (adjustable)
Maple wood

Made of strong long-lasting maple wood, our Mat Wall Hanger is the perfect storage tool to hang mats up and out of the way -avoiding extra storage taking up floor space. Able to hold 10-12 hanging mats, this product is easy to assemble with its screw hardware. The Mat Wall Hanger measures 24" x 2.75" x 1", with the distance between each opening offering an adjustable 12" to 20". A great pair for the TPE Exercise Mat, the Mat Wall Hanger is a simple solution to getting rid of those rolls.

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